A kitchen is where you spend most of your time and today’s fast-paced world it has become a lifestyle to have everything organized and in place, as it saves time and energy. In addition to this, a cluttered kitchen will never give you peace of mind.

To fulfill this need the concept of workstation kitchen sinks has been introduced. It is a must-have to complete your modern kitchen in terms of usability as well as style. In this article, we will highlight why a workstation kitchen sink is important and essential for you and why you must follow this new trend.

Top 10 reasons to have Workstation Kitchen Sink

1. Easy to Install

Life has been made easier with the easy installation of a workstation kitchen sink. The packaging includes all the hardware you will need to install the sink yourself. You can buy the additional things required like a Silicon sealant, a screwdriver and clean lint-free cloth from a local hardware store.

You can easily find helpful videos on the installation of the sink on YouTube. The faucet fitting may be a little tricky and if you haven’t done it before you may have to hire a professional plumber.

2. Effortless Maintenance

Maintaining this kind of sink requires very little effort due to its simple design. You may require the cleaning on the drain which has become easier with a pull-out drain feature. This required you to only pull the small drain bucket and empty it into the trash can and rinse it before putting it back in.

These sinks have spot-free surfaces which means you won’t see many dried up watermarks and even if you do you may wipe them with a wet cloth once and you won’t see them again.

3. Enhanced Workspace

This is the real reason you want to invest in the workstation kitchen sink. It is a compartmentalized sink that gives you all you need, and much more when working on making your favorite food.

It brings together everyday use items which are necessary for the kitchen like a cutting board made out of bamboo, a stainless steel colander which is available in both rectangular and circular shape depending on the model of sink you buy.

You can use all these accessories; on the left and right or all on one side, depending on your cutting needs. But this isn’t the end of the workspace story. There are numerous other accessories that you can purchase. They include a strainer basket where you can leave your cut up veggies to dry after washing them.

You don’t need to pick anything up, just slide everything under the faucet and slide it away. This feature lets you cover the mess underneath the movable boards.

4. More Sanitized

This kind of kitchen sink is much more sanitized than the regular sinks with their curved edges that store insects and bacteria. Some models have a stone lock insulation around the sink. This keeps the sink’s outside moisture-free. Moisture is the main cause for bacteria growth.

Some kitchen sinks also have a protective bottom grid that keeps the waste material away from the dishes while washing. This accessory is helpful for all kinds of uses.

5. Additional Manageable Storage

The workstation kitchen sinks are usually 9-inches deep. Imagine all that space used for easy and manageable storage as well. It is no longer a dream to store your colander, cutting boards as well as drying racks in the sink to avoid clutter in the kitchen.

Different sinks offer standard storage of a colander, cutting board, and a drying rack, and it is up to you how you use it. The drying rack is usually 3 or 4 inches deep that means you can use it either for wet dishes or vegetables etc.

6. Variety of Product Availability

From a simple Google or Amazon search, you will come upon various options for the workstation kitchen sink to choose from. Each company offers different models. You may choose the one more specific to your kitchen size and needs.

7. Improved Safety

These sinks designs keep the safety of you and your family in mind. With a 9-inch depth and sometimes even more, you will be able to keep your dirty dishes away from the work surfaces being provided which means no cross-contamination.

With the colander firmly placed on the sink, you may drain boiling pasta or veggies and use it as a strainer. This way you will avoid burning yourself with boiling water or even steam.

All the racks available are flat and firm. They do not wobble because of the rubber edges that lock them in place, so, if you use them for dish drying, it won’t get imbalanced and break the dishes causing a hazard in the kitchen.

The cutting board is also solidly placed so it will stay in place while you are chopping.

8. Multiple Accessories

This is another useful part of the design of the workstation kitchen sink. The standard accessories which come with the sink are not the only ones being offered by the makers.

  • A Sink Caddy

You can purchase a sink caddy separately and use it as a dishwashing accessories storage. It provides you with all the storage you need depending on your dishwashing needs in an organized manner. It gives a separate compartment to hold the brushes. the flat base easily holds the sponges and the dishwashing liquid.

They even thought about the towel you use to clean the counters with! It has a dedicated towel rail as well. The base has holes which means no water accumulation and it’s easy to clean!

  • Knife Storage Rack

Some kitchen sink models come with a handy knife wrack. You can use them to store your favorite knives when are chopping away and preparing a delicious meal. It can hold up to 4 knives and can be conveniently placed next to your cutting board.

Each knife has a dedicated slot. This accessory also has a deep pocket compartment of 2 by 4-inches. You may use it to store spoons and forks or any other frequently used kitchen tool like an egg beater.

  • Shallow Drying Rack

This is another upper-tier platform that provides you with the convenience of drying your dishes. It has thin yet sturdy stainless steel bars that provide the access water to fall in the sink directly.

Other top tier boards are also available and can be conveniently stored under one another. This gives you a variety of surfaces to work with. You can also use them as serving boards for steak hammering.

  • Bowl with no holes

The shape for this accessory may vary according to the make and model of the sink, but it can be used for various purposes. You may use it to make soap water to do the piled-up dishes.

You may also use it to hold ice and place Champaign bottles on one side and the shallow/flat drying rack to place wine glasses on the side.

  • Condiment Serving Board

This accessory you will find very useful. It offers 2 options to choose from. One has six serving pans and the other with three. Each serving pan has a lid included. It comes in handy when you are hosting a party in your kitchen or having dinner/lunch by the sink. Use this one creatively!

9. Stylish and Tough

The workstation kitchen sink will give your kitchen a modern, stylish and more organized look. No sharp edges are pocking out. Everything is very sleep and beautiful with a matte finish. It comes in various sizes and it easy to install.

The sink contains high-quality stainless steel. This makes it corrosion-free and very touch. Each company offers a different warranty but looking at the reviews, so far, this product has been an overall success. Another material available is fireclay. It has also given good results for regular use.

There are various styles to choose from. There is an apron front design that lets you hang your apron after a day’s work. Some styles have under mounts that store a variety of cutting boards which can also be used as serving surfaces when flipped over. There are many proportions (80/20 or 60/40) to choose from. You may customize it according to your needs.

10. Economical

When it comes to pricing, this product is affordable and more of an investment. The standard compartments that it comes with are included in the price of the sink. They are enough if you use them creatively.


The workstation kitchen sink may be a new rage but it is important to keep you and your family’s safety first. This kind of kitchen sink takes away full marks in that department.

The ease of use and convenience is very important too. This kitchen sink is perfect for those who like to have an organized outlook in the kitchen. It is also perfect for those of you who are lazy in doing dishes. You may cover your messy dishes by the top tier accessories provided.

With a variety of products and accessories, your life in the kitchen will become infinitely better and easier. All this is achievable at reasonable prices as low as $300. If you have a higher budget range you may even throw in some extra accessories. Treat this as a life-long investment. So, start browsing through the options out there and choose the one which is most suited to your needs!