30 Insanely Smart DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas

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A kitchen is a place the gathering of the family gathered together. In the kitchen we can cook together, eat together, it is really aspect so beautiful and you can’t find that in the outhouse. Cooking and eating will be happy if that room so beautiful. But, actually, not all of you have a beautiful kitchen and finally, you have to survive in the kitchen narrow and untidy. Indeed you often feel bored but you have to accept it. But that room you can change it with make kitchen storage and this way make your kitchen look more beautiful. Sure, you curious about this way! Let’s go you can look it below:

Storage Hack from Wire Rack to Expand Storage

adding storage to kitchen
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This wire racks different from the other rack because you can make that more creative. You can use masking tape, glue, iron, paint, and wire. After that, measure the depth cabinet, and the cutting the rack suitable the measure. And then put the iron on the wire you have made is like a small iron rack. If you want the storage more beautiful you can be painting the wire became white or you can synchronize with the cabinet. With you use the wire rack into the cabinet you have storage in your cabinet without change that room. So, this idea can give more storage to eat tools looks neater.

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Small Kitchen Storage Ideas for a More Efficient Space
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Make Rack Onto The Window

You have no money, but you want to become your kitchen look beautiful? Is that very simple. You can make storage ideas on  budget like you make rack onto the window. When you will make a rack, you don’t need many tools, you have to a screw woods and saw. First, you can make the screw like L alphabet and after that you can save the stuff of cooking on to the rack.

Smart DIY Kitchen Storage Solutions
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Use Cabinet for Seasoning Rack

Maybe this is an insane way, but it is real! This way was so unique and easy to save the seasoning. Maybe now you never feel confused when you found seasoning when you will cook, because you have all of your seasonings in a storage cabinet. Actually not only on the cabinet, but you also can use a refrigerator to save the seasoning, but you only save the seasoning on the out of the refrigerator. If you want to use this way, you only need a magnetism then you put the magnet in the back of your refrigerator, but remember! The topless of seasoning must make of iron, and when you put the seasoning in the refrigerator, the seasoning will stay on the door of the refrigerator.

Use the Coca-cola Crate for Spice Rack

Maybe this way will answer for your spice in your kitchen everywhere. This way will make it easy when you cook and you need some spice to seasoning in your cook. To make it so simple, you only need a coca-cola crate and a small bottle. And then the small bottle contains spice can you safe into the coca-cola crate.

This way above so simple, isn’t it? So if you want to change your kitchen looks beautiful, you can use the way above and good luck.

Smart DIY Kitchen Storage Solutions
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Clever DIY Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

Clever DIY Storage Ideas for the Kitchen
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Amazing kitchen storage ideas

amazing kitchen storage ideas
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Best kitchen storage solutions

best kitchen storage solutions
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Best kitchen cabinet storage ideas

best kitchen cabinet storage ideas
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food storage organizer

food storage organizer
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cabinet food storage containers

cabinet food storage containers
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food cabinet organization
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food storage rack
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