23+ Living Room Rug Design Ideas To Take Your Breath Away

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Despite the very fact that rugs aren’t as actively decorating the walls of our homes, they need not subsided popular in home decor.

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The carpet within the front room , for instance , today lay mainly on the ground . No, of course, that does not mean you cannot use quite one such product within the decor, but if you think that about it thoughtlessly, you’ll go overboard with the variegated coloration and interior of the space will instantly become style – tasteless.

To avoid this, let’s examine what sorts of carpets are offered in 2020 and the way to use them correctly for home decoration.

We can do everything with a carpet: give character to an area , define or warm up an area , dare to be creative … The hard part is usually finding the proper model. Here may be a selection, during a sober or vibrant version.

Carpet sizes and shapes
The moment to settle on a carpet within the front room comes at a time when the renovation of the apartment is finished and every one the furniture has taken its place. it’s worth starting with the definition of the dimensions . If the front room doesn’t contain an excessive amount of furniture and if the things available differ by the peak of the feet, the carpet covering almost the whole floor will fit perfectly. Its surface should be decorated with a drawing.

The larger the ground area isn’t covered by the carpet, the more their combination should be contrasted. the tiny rugs are perfect for zoning the front room , highlighting the accent areas.

In big area living rooms, round and oval rug design models will suit. it might be more correct to spread them on the bottom in order that the most part is within the area of the tender corner, without protruding an excessive amount of .

And another thing: move the carpet as close as possible to the chairs and therefore the sofa – the legs placed thereon should be placed on a warm carpet.

The rug should be placed as close as possible to the legs of the sofa and therefore the chairs.

If you’ve got a solid and rounded fixture inside the front room or furniture with smooth lines and no sharp corners, prefer a round carpet.

The small rugs will help accentuate the colours . Such a product looks great near the fireside , under a table. There are several such rugs within the front room . it’s important that they’re certainly of an equivalent type.

The atmosphere of cozy is conveyed by the long nap rugs. However, it should be borne in mind that the front room may be a widely used room, which can cause the fast erasure of the posh carpet. Maybe it’d be better to feature comfort with a mid-range product?

Extra large rugs are bound to attract attention; therefore, in bright interiors crammed with a spread of accessories, it’s better to shop for colors during a single tone that have a pattern, a relaxed theme and without contrast.

To determine the general dimensions, the form and proportions of the carpet will help the standard colored tape. It extends the outline of the longer term cover on the bottom and assesses how it suits the remainder of the environment.

If the rug you liked within the square front room features a rectangular shape – whatever, you’ll always cut it to the proper size. the matter can only occur during a room that’s too spacious. the very fact is that the width of the rugs rarely exceeds 3.6 meters, but if you’re not mistaken due to the seam, you’ll combine two rugs for an aesthetic floor cover .


A mosaic of bright colors, this very pop rug causes you to want to zigzag from one color to another!


To see it so perfectly integrated into a up to date interior, who would think that this rug may be a puzzle of materials with often distant origins? Ideal to offer a soul to your front room


In this contemporary house, to decorate up the black and white sitting area, we’ve back a patchwork-style carpet whose warm colors warm the ground made from large anthracite porcelain stoneware tiles.


With their cream backgrounds and linear patterns, the carpets of the Berber tribe of Beni Ouarain, in Morocco, seduce with their modernity and are among the foremost popular.


A play of lines modernizes this carpet in sober colors – black, white, gray – and echoes the geometric patterns that dominate during this front room . But there are also other models such as the red living room

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