29+ Best Ideas Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Welcome to our gallery featuring a series of comfortable, cozy and stylish living rooms with oh-so-cozy fireplaces and a guide to how much they cost. Historically, fireplaces were used to heat the home. These days, however, the fireplace is all about ambiance. Fireplaces can be made to match any style of home, from traditional to […]

20 Wonderful Skylights in Living Room & Star Decorating

Skylights were first used in ancient Roman architecture, but these skylights were open, and had no coverage. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution, when the manufacturing of glass was perfected, that the glazed, or closed, skylights were created. Recently, skylights have moved from just a gorgeous piece of design, to being part of a great […]

23+ Living Room Rug Design Ideas To Take Your Breath Away

There aren’t many home accessories that can totally take your breath away like a stunning rug. Bold, sprawling and beautiful, a well-chosen rug can total transform your space, giving it life, personality and a sense of completion. If you want a rug that will delight and inspire your space, your guests, and of course, yourself, […]