20 Wonderful Skylights in Living Room & Star Decorating

Skylights were first used in ancient Roman architecture, but these skylights were open, and had no coverage. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution, when the manufacturing of glass was perfected, that the glazed, or closed, skylights were created. Recently, skylights have moved from just a gorgeous piece of design, to being part of a great energy conservation movement.

Because of the recent developments in skylights, they now have the capability of daylighting. Daylighting is a the process of drawing natural light during the day into a building to create internal lighting. This is actually an ancient practice that was recently discovered as a great energy saver!

Skylights are a gorgeous addition to any home insurance. They can create intriguing views to the outside, and draw in copious amounts of light. Each skylight, as you will see in our gallery, can be created to fit your home interior decorating classes, however you please. Whether you want something dainty to add just a little bit of light in just the right spot, or something grand that will light an entire room, each design can be molded and personalized to you and your modern home.

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The image featured above is an example of a ceiling made entirely of skylights. The light is able to filter in and create a lavish glow throughout the space. Many of the images in this gallery highlight living rooms with contemporary color schemes and modern designs– each one with individually crafted and carefully placed skylights to bring elegant natural light into every room.

We hope you find this gallery as delightful and breathtaking as we did!

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